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How this blog can help you

Welcome Get Rich Slowly readers! Thanks for stopping over. Let me give you a quick rundown on what this blog is about and how it can help you — whether you’re just interested in learning more about investing or you’re saving for a specific goal, like retirement or a kid’s college education.

My name is Joe Light, and I’m a writer with Money Magazine. This blog is a side project of mine, but much of the material comes from the frequent interviews and research I collect from some of the best investing minds in the business.

Each post (which will come at least once every business day) is designed to help you think smarter about your investments, understand how fees impact your portfolio, and just generally set up a plan so that you can achieve your investing goals, no matter what they might be.

Recently, I’ve written about allegedly shady practices at a popular mutual fund company, why many popular assumptions about stock returns might be false, and a big problem with target-date retirement funds.

A little later today, I’m going to expand a little bit on some of the basics of bond investing I gave in the post for J.D., and tomorrow I’ll actually go through the process of constructing a bond portfolio for those of you who think you’d like to try.

If you’d like to be clued in on those posts and future updates, subscribe to my feed by clicking here or the button in the upper right corner.

Anyway, I sincerely appreciate you stopping by and hope you come back. Feel free to drop me a line in the comments section. I’m always looking for ideas on what to write about!


Joe Light


Lost in (white) space

On any given story, I typically interview six or seven sources, sift through half a dozen research papers, and Google the

Lost in white space

Lost in white space

bejesus out of any topic remotely related to the subject. At the end of the month, you – the reader – get about 700 words of that work. Yes, it’s the best 700 words. But hours of insight end up on the magazine version of the cutting room floor, sacrificed to a bigger font size and stylistic white space.

That’s not a complaint. Magazines need good content, but they need to look good too. I just didn’t want all of that great investing advice, given by people much smarter than myself, to get lost in the ether.

This blog is basically my notebook as a writer for a prominent personal finance magazine. You’ll see, hear and read interviews I conduct with mutual fund managers, book authors, professors and basically anyone who knows anything about investing in the stocks, bonds and funds that we rely on to grow our wealth.

Thanks for reading,

Joe Light